The Tempered Cold Coils undergo tin plating in the Electrolytic Tinning Line. Tin plated reels (with similar or different tins) are produced on the bottom and top surface of the final strip after the following processes take place in the tinning line respectively: cleaning, pickling, electrolytic tin plating, induction heating, passivation, and oiling (badging can be applied on the bottom or top surface to show the tinning difference of the plates depending on the customer’s choice). The Tosyalı Toyo Tin Plated Flat Steel (tin) products are produced under two main categories, i.e. Single Reduction and Cold Reduction. The tin-plated flat steel produced is delivered to the customers in the rolled or vertically cut form.

About the TEMPER-DCR  Line Features
Founding Company Primetals Co.
Capacity  303.000 tons/year
Max. Coil Weight 20 tons
Strip Width  700-1300 mm
Strip Thickness  (Temper)
 0.16 – 1.2 mm
Strip Thickness  (DCR) 0.18 – 0.4 mm
Coil Inner Diameter 508  mm
Coil Outer Diameter 1.000 - 2.100 mm
Max. Line Speed  1500 mpm
Steel Quality  T1 - T5, DR6 - DR10 ve CR Full Hard