Tosyalı Holding; Tosçelik Science High School, Tosçelik Social Sciences High School, M.Fatih Tosyalı Anatolian Imam Hatip High School and Student Dormitory, E.Ayhan Tosyalı Girls Student Dormitory and Sports Hall, Tosyalı Education Practice School and Business Education Center, Hacı Pervin Tosyalı Affection Houses, Tosyalı Mosque Belen, Tosyalı Mosque Azganlık, Tosyalı Multi-Purpose Sports Hall, Fuat Tosyalı Youth and Sports Center, İskenderun Kızılay House, Osmaniye Kızılay House brings the society to society, while Tosyalı Holding; Tosyalı Toyo Osmaniye Women's Basketball Team acts as the main sponsor and fulfills important responsibilities in the field of sports.

We are aware that our ever-decreasing resources are not endless and the environmental impact of our products and activities should be monitored.

In order to keep its interaction with the environment under control, Tosyalı Holding has adopted ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, which is a management model established on the basis of risk analyzes, aiming at reducing the use of natural resources and minimizing damages to soil, water and air. In our facilities, national and international legal obligations are followed within the framework of activities aimed at protecting the environment and human health.