In the Continuous Galvanizing Line (CGL), the Pickled, Rolled or Tempered Cold coils are annealed in the desired quality depending on the customer’s choice, and zinc plated in the desired weight using the hot-dipping method. Additional processes may take place depending on the customer’s choice, such as Tempering, Passivation, Badging (Logo) and Electrostatic Oiling.

The CGL’s Features
Supplier Danieli
Steel Qualities CQ, DQ , DDQ, EDDQ (IF) , HSS up to DP600
Min – Max Thickness 0,2 mm – 3,0 mm
Min – Max Width 700 mm – 1300 mm
Plating Weight 60-600 g/m² GI
40-180 g/m² GL (Future Project)
90-300 g/m² Zn-Mg (Producible)
Maximum Line Speed 200 mpm
Production Capacity 400.000 t/year