The Electrolytic Cleaning Line is utilized to remove the rolling oil and iron powder from the surface of the full hard coils retrieved from the TCM unit prior to the BAF (Batch Annealing Furnace).

The coils arrive at the plant, where the end of the former and tip of the new coils are welded. This process is followed by rinsing and drying after cleaning by chemical, electrolytic and mechanic cleaning (brushing) to reproduce a coil.

About the ECL Features
Founding Company Tenova-TSP
Annual Production Capacity 192.000 ton/yıl
Coil Weight (average) 18 ton
Strip Width (min-max) 700 – 1300 mm
Strip Thickness (min-max) 0,16-1,6 mm
Input Coil Diameter 1000-2250 mm
Output Coil Diameter
100 mpm
Process Speed 450 mpm
Steel Grade CR Full Hard, Black Plate for tinning