The Batch Annealing Unit is utilized to eliminate the voltage on the steel plate caused during cold rolling. Equipment called “tilters” is available at the plant entries and exits to use after stacking the coils horizontally. Retrieved from the electrolytic cleaning unit, the coils are placed horizontally on the tilters. They are then stacked in the support units where the inner cover is closed to isolate the environment from oxygen. Firstly, heating is performed with the heating cap. The cooling process follows upon the completion of the heating process by closing the cooling cap without ever moving the inner cover. The processed coils are placed vertically on the exit tilter again and transferred to the subsequent unit. An oxygen-free environment is created by first blowing nitrogen onto the inner cover, which is shut down. Then nitrogen is replaced by hydrogen, which is used throughout the annealing process in the environment. The plant has a total of 12 support units, half of which are used for heating and the remaining for cooling.

About the BAF Features
Founding Company Tenova-LOI Thermo Process
Annual Production Capacity 200.000 tons/year
Coil Weight (average) 18 tons(T1,T2,T3,T4)
 24 tons(CQ.DDQ)
Strip Width (min-max) 700-1300 mm
Strip Thickness (min-max)
0,16-1,5 mm
Input Coil Diameter 1000-2250 mm